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In recent years we have faced attempts to amend the Constitution to allow prayer in schools, require a balanced federal budget, establish political office term limits, ban burning the American flag, and prohibiting abortion. 14 years later we realized our mistake and repealed the amendment. I frequently have people tell me I am a Dan Evans Republican. Responsibility for national defense, international relations, a comprehensive domestic safety net for our citizens and constitutional protection of our freedoms are clearly national responsibilities. Our danger lies not in the burning of our flag but when the time comes that thousands cheer its burning. But our Constitution is strong because it is amended rarely and then to expand freedoms, not restrict them.

Profligate spending and irrational prices lead to disaster. Our Constitution has succeeded well because it has been amended so rarely. Those actions will do far more to end abortion than the hate and violence of political conflict. Conservation, Constitution, a strong federal system, fiscal integrity. More than two centuries ago 13 fiercely independent states joined together for their common good. We may disagree as political parties but we all share a love of our country. We must get past the debate over big government versus small government. We desperately need smart government. It is the ultimate and painful choice of those who face irreconcilable conflict. Was not afraid to challenge big business when the Trusts tried to run amok.

I have never seen a Democratic salmon or a Republican highway, a liberal park or a conservative bridge. I cut the ribbon on a new interstate system link every month. I share their concern over political gridlock, unsustainable spending, and a patronizing federal government, but not their raw and virulent tactics. The balanced budget amendment is an impractical idea that is meaningless until we decide how to keep a national standard set of books in order to even measure balance. But sometimes taxes and sometimes prices must rise. Teddy Roosevelt was a leader.

Now our federal system truly emerged with defined roles for local, state, and national governments. Their chosen name honors our revolutionary protesters who dumped boxes of English tea into Boston Harbor to protest taxation. In a later inaugural address I stated I would rather cross the political aisle than cross the people. The people of Washington state deserve better! Their zealous advocates swamp the political establishment and nominate newcomers who support their anger. One was overheard asking another if he came in Gardner II or Locke I as if they were royal dynasties. States frequently are the laboratories of democracy. Sometimes I feel closer to him than some of todays Republicans.

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He was our first environmental president and a consummate conservationist. We also passed a tax reform package which included an income tax. The Republican state platform in 1970 even adopted it as a plank. I believe strongly in reducing the sweep of seksiseuraa live alapään sheivaus federal control by creating active, smart, and able state and local governments who are prepared to meet citizen needs. In our more than 200 year history we found it necessary to modify our governmental structure only seven times. The Republican House adopted it 84 to 11 and all four caucuses produced 2 to 1 majorities.


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Bush read my lips, no new taxes. We built ferries wherever we can get the cheapest bid. We funded higher education and UW tuition was 500 per year. He believed in a strong national defense but declared speak softly but carry a big stick. They were protesting taxation without representation.

Our report, titled To Form a More Perfect Union recommended returning hundreds of federal programs to state and local control. Before the Civil War, the United States were. I co-chaired a national commission on our federal system with then Governor Charles Robb of Virginia. I am a Republican and here are four reasons why:. Laboring together for the common good is not weakness but a strength beyond political division.

Our current national administration is a pale shadow of Theodore Roosevelt and even some of our Republicans reject the initiatives and wisdom of Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan. I may not be able to wait until 2020. We ought to follow the hikers creed: Leave your campsite better than you found. Only once have we attempted to regulate social behavior through prohibition of the use of alcohol for beverages. But, for the past century the federal government has spread its influence into virtually every facet of public authority creating our current chaotic system. We have expanded our freedoms 18 times. The question of abortion rights may deeply divide our nation, but I have never heard anyone say that they admired abortion. The constant challenge is to find the right balance between spending and taxes just as a business tries to discover the right balance between prices and profit.

What does this mean? I am tired of hyphenated Republicanism. The governor is a nice guy but brought the blatant partisanship of the US House of Representatives to governing and that is a recipe for failure. Four generations struggled for the reality of nationhood but the Civil War finally defined the United States. The flag burning amendment is a solution in search of a problem. The 10 amendments of the Bill of Rights sings to us our freedoms and we later abolished slavery and expanded the right to vote to former slaves, women, and 18-year-olds. Cascade conference xxxvi, may 16, 2015, daniel J Evans. Lest you think all was easy, we also endured the aerospace recession with statewide unemployment of 13, and later inflation rates of 17 and interest rates. He may be joined by other Republican candidates but a vigorous, positive primary campaign will strengthen our nominee.

I will continue to fight for these principles because I believe they are right for America. Its far better to spend our efforts building a strong and compassionate nation where there is little need or desire to burn the American flag. From a collection of states we now truly became a nation. Cascade Conference xxxviii in 2017 will hear from a new Republican Governor, a Republican Speaker of the House, and a Republican Senate Majority Leader. There are even a few who whisper  I am a Dan Evans Democrat While that may be flattering it is also divisive. Fiscal responsibility means paying for benefits we receive. But todays anti-tax enthusiasts forget history. Rather, it arises from attempting to define the real needs of our citizens and finding the most efficient and effective ways to meet those needs.

Anything less is borrowing from our grandchildren for the benefits we want but are not courageous enough to pay for. He called the presidency a bully pulpita and he was one heck of a preacher. In my inaugural address as Governor I said I am not afraid of the word liberal and I am not ashamed of the word conservative. We occupy space on this planet for a limited time and should leave to the next generation a legacy of freedom, opportunity, and resources that are better than we received. Those define my view of a Republican Party that could be successful and deserves to govern. I dont believe in quitting. It was essentially a financial even trade but eliminating duplication created huge opportunities for savings. We did not negotiate with a state employee unions. Our colonial ancestors were not protesting taxation. The Constitution, i am a fundamentalist regarding the Constitution.

But I have seen lots of landmark bipartisan legislation. Overlap, conflict, and waste harass taxpayers daily. Most major new federal domestic programs evolved out of initiatives first developed at state and local levels. The mantra is taxes first and reform later (if ever). The ferry system made a profit. Teachers pay was among the top 10 in the nation. After listening to this mornings panels discuss the difficulties of governing today, I think I must have been governor at the best of times. But, we have had one-party rule in this state for 30 years. But not all good ideas come from one side of the political aisle.

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